2017/18 Winter League Finals Results

We hope that everyone enjoyed a fun night of squash and camaraderie at our Winter League finals on Wednesday evening. Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers for making the night and the season special.

In particular we’d like to thank the Mayfair Clubs for hosting our finals as well as T&D events and match play throughout the season, Jenny Chukhovich for EmCee’ing, and the insanely talented Karen Galati of CrazyKPhotography for capturing the event on camera! We would also like to thank sponsor Oliver Sport for helping to gear up our E League players and North on Sixty, Lululemon, and Chocosol for helping us stage an impressive prize table.

We’re pleased to share the below slideshow of photographs of the event taken by sponsor Karen Galati,  as well as a summary of the league and award results with you.

Division Winners

A Division: Champions Executive Squash & Fitness, Finalists ORC

The battle for A was closely fought. Last year’s winners, ORC, finished at the top of the league with Executive Squash & Fitness a close second. Matches were intense and the last to finish playing were the #2s. In a marathon match, Alessia Ferris came back from a 2:0 deficit and wore Sally Philp down to pull out the victory. With matches tied 2:2, the winner was determined by games won with Executive prevailing over ORC with 10 games to 8. What an exciting finish to a great season and a fantastic high level match to close out our finals night!

A Division Champions Executive Squash & Fitness (left to right) Nicole Tomei, Victoria Tonna, Anna Tomei (front), Bernie Gavadza (back), and Alessia Ferris

B Division: Champions ORC, Finalists GoodLife Parkview

ORC were the favorites to win B, having led the field during the regular season. They were also the team that won the most sweeps, earning them the “Killepitsch” award (see below). The powerful team swept again in the finals, as expected. The highlight was the # 3 match! GoodLife Parkview player, Caroline Goodridge played “master”-fully, pushing her young ORC opponent to a 5th game before losing 15:12.


B Division Champions ORC (left to right) B Division Convenor Anna Tomei, Eman Alhusainy, Salma Mounir, Amal Nadeem Izhar, Deena Shah

B Division Finalists GoodLife Parkview (left to right) Caroline Goodridge, Radka Hasenorhlova, Paula Kuzic, Alison Tuckett, and Shanon Fisher with Stephanie Saunders.

C Division: Champions GoodLife Dunfield, Finalists Executive Squash & Fitness

The GoodLife Dunfield team has been improving steadily since last season and won positions 2, 3, and 4 against the young Executive Squash & Fitness team. We suspect that both teams will be moving up to B Division in the fall. Lynsey Yates won her match in 3 against Michelle Rawlins, demonstrating that her title of most improved C player was well deserved!


C Champions GoodLife Dunfield (left to right) Kerime Arisan, Adora Whitney, Natalya Rougas, TDWSA chair Liz McBeth, C Convenor Carolyn Feather, and Lynsey Yates

C Finalists Executive Squash & Fitness (left to right) Karen Galati, Keira Lee Rawlins, Ainsley Rawlins, Michelle Rawlins, Charlotte Chaeli, Gabrielle Amoroso, Sara Horton

D Division: Champions ORC, Finalists Mayfair Parkway

The D finals pitted two teams that grew out of last year’s E League against one another. ORC  included several E League graduates and Mayfair Parkway‘s team included last year’s E League winner, Hannah Chan, as well as players Jocelyn Reyes and Kowsiya Vijayaratnam. ORC prevailed and are already planning for the Summer C/D league. Well done to both teams!

D Champions ORC (left to right) Irina Kosals, Brenna Stackhouse, Ivona Szostak, Nikki Osborne, and Liz Isajiw

D Finalists Mayfair Parkway (left to right) Judith Allen, Jen Rowe, Kim Hines, Gail Wannop, and Pam Brophy

E Division: Champion Simone Visram, Finalist Tivie Kimber, Third Elena Moreno, Fourth Claire Tacon

The E Division final featured our top 4 E League players competing for the #1, 2, 3 and 4 spots. It was wonderful to see the improvement in the players’ games after a season at E. In the end, Simone Visram (Mayfair Lakeshore) earned the title of champion in a win against finalist Tivie Kimber (Mayfair Parkway). The battle for 3 vs 4 ended with Elena Moreno edging out Claire Tacon (One Health).

The South Zone was well represented in the E League finals with Elena Moreno (left) placing third and Simone Visram (right) earning the title of champion. Liz McBeth, South Zone co-convenor, is shown centre.


Award Winners

Below is a list of award winners announced at the finals, including Best Après Squash, Most Improved, and our Inspiration Award, along with other recognitions. A complete list of the nominees, is available here.

Mayfair Clubs Head Squash Pro Barb Cooper helped kick off the awards portion of the evening and presented the Barb Cooper Award to Julie Hisey for her work launching E League in 2016/17.

Best Après Squash: 16 clubs were nominated for providing the best ‘après squash’ experience this season.

Overall Winner: Mayfair Lakeshore

  • A Division: Georgetown Racquet Club
  • B Division: Georgetown Racquet Club and Richmond Hill Squash Club
  • C Division: Toronto Cricket Club
  • D Division: Metro YMCA
  • E Division: Mayfair Lakeshore

Most Improved Players by Division: 78 women were nominated for being the players whose game improved the most over the course of the season. The division winners are:

  • A Division: Victoria Tonna, Executive Squash & Fitness
  • B Division: Heather Dart, Richmond Hill Squash Club
  • C Division: Lynsey Yates, GoodLife Dunfield
  • D Division: Irina Kosals, Metro YMCA
  • E Division: Puja Ahluwalia

Inspiration Award: 49 women were nominated for inspiring others by demonstrating the vision, mission and values of the TDWSA this season.

Overall Winner: Donna Thompson, Mayfair Parkway

  • A Division: Elka Markus, Stray Cats/ORC
  • B Division: Angie Eichel, GoodLife Valhalla
  • C Division: Nancy McLean, ORC
  • D Division: Nicole Jennex, Metro YMCA
  • E Division: Simone Visram, Mayfair Lakeshore

killepitschKillepitsch Award (for the team with most 4:0 sweeps): ORC B Team – 4 sweeps!

  • Killepitsch Runners-up: Metro YMCA D Team – 2 sweeps!
  • Individual Killepitsch Awards (for the players with most 3:0 sweeps): Kiera Lee Rawlins and Carol Barich