West End YMCA Open House

The 13 players who attended the West End YMCA Squash Open house for women on July 27th made the most of their time on court!

An enthusiastic crew for sure, some were dusting off their racquets after 20 years or so and some were raw beginners. The evening began with some basic instructions on grip, and forehand and backhand strokes. Players had the opportunity to practice those in some simple drill style exercises. Then, after a brief explanation of game play, it was Game On!

The two hours flew by. That’s what happens when exercise is fun! By night’s end everyone raved about how much fun they’d had and wanted to know how they could play more squash. Emails and phone numbers were exchanged so they could connect with each other again on court. It was that simple. Fun! Friends! Fitness! That’s what squash is all about.

Thanks are due to Steve Colucci, YMCA Squash Coordinator, for hosting, and to Alison Leber, Christine Horner, and Lynsey Yates for running the event! If you would like to host a Women’s Squash Open House at your facility, please contact us at info@tdwsa.com.