2019 Summer C/D League Finals Results

We hope that everyone enjoyed a fun night of squash and camaraderie at our Summer C/D League finals on the evening of August 20th.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting women’s squash in Toronto & District. In particular we’d like to thank the Mayfair Clubs for hosting our finals as well as T&D events and match play throughout the season and Paul Kelly for capturing the event on camera!

It takes a small army of volunteers to pull off our season and finals and there isn’t room to thank everyone here, so THANK YOU!

We’re pleased to share the below gallery of photographs of the event taken by Paul Kelly as well as a summary of the league results and award results with you. 

Division Winners

C/D Division: Champions Executive Squash and Fitness, Finalists Lifetime Athletic


Left to right: Megan Yim, Amreen Sodhi, Hayley Brown, Ruth Fraser

Front left to right: Monica Tonna, Nicole Tomei. Back left to right: Jean Gairdner, Carolyn Feather, Elka Markus

B Division: Champions One Health, Finalists Badminton & Racquet Club

Left to right: Heather Del Colombo, Christine Horner, Raffaela Vandenhurk, Margit Daugela, Vanessa Thoo, Liane Haushaulter, Emilie Corcoran, Nicole Jennex + two adorable cheerleaders

C Division: Champions & Killepitsch Winners Ontario Racquet Club 1, Finalists Balmy Beach Belles


Left to right: Irene Katsis, Carol Barich, Nancy McLean, Felicity Guest, Erica Borsos. Missing:  Zanita DiSalle

Left to right: Wendy Train, Judith Allen, Kim Hines, Christina McIsaac

D Division: Champions ORC, Finalists Mayfair Parkway

Left to right: Magda Sabat, Jocelyn Reyes, Helen Jackson, Margaret Norman, Holly Warren, Irina Kosals, Monica Galiano

Left to right: Karen Desa, Carol Reilly, Deb MacDonnell, Phillosa Suleman

E Division: Champion Aswathy Mathew (West), Finalist Jennifer Davies (South), Third Natasha Meissner (South), Fourth Jin Fournier (East)

Left to right: Jennifer Davies and baby, Natasha Meissner, Jin Fournier, Aswathy Mathew

Award Winners

Below is a list of award winners announced at the finals, including Best Après Squash, Most Improved, and our Inspiration Award, along with other recognitions. A complete list of the nominees, is available here.

Outgoing Chair Liz McBeth was thanked for her contribution to the league by incoming Chair Elka Markus. 


Best Après Squash: 13 clubs were nominated for providing the best ‘après squash’ experience this season.

Overall Winner: Georgetown Racquet Club

  • A Division: Georgetown Racquet Club
  • B Division: Georgetown Racquet Club
  • C Division: Georgetown Racquet Club
  • D Division: Balmy Beach Club

Most Improved Players by Division: 70 women were nominated for being the players whose game improved the most over the course of the season. The division winners are:

  • A Division: Margaret Jin, Richmond Hill Squash Club
  • B Division: Vanessa Thoo, One Health Club
  • C Division: Kristen Prince, One Health Club
  • D Division: Deborah MacDonnell, Pickering Squash Club
  • E Division:
    • East: Jin Fournier
    • West: Natalia Aleksandrova
    • North: Elena DiBiasio
    • South: Jennifer Davies 
  • Crossover Award (most votes in more than one division): Christina McIsaac

Inspiration Award: 44 women were nominated for inspiring others by demonstrating the vision, mission and values of the TDWSA this season.

Winner: Elka Markus, Executive Squash & Fitness

killepitschKillepitsch Award (for the team with most 4:0 sweeps): ORC C Team – 10 sweeps!

Welcome to B Division ladies!!!!