January 2020 One-Day Tournament Results

The results are in! See who won first, second, and third place below. Congratulations to all the winners, including a group of dynamos from Burlington that walked away with several medals, and thanks to everyone who competed, played, and laughed with us on Jan 25!

A Draw

1st: Julie Hisey

2nd: Young Lee

3rd: Vanessa Steinwall

B Draw

1st: Joanne Bach

2nd: Natalya Rougas

3rd: Angie Eichel

C Draw

1st: Michelle Xue

2nd: Courtney Rattan

3rd: Jessy Khalife 

D Draw

1st: Berlinda Fontenelle

2nd: Natasha Meissner

3rd: Claudia Sabri

Enjoy scenes from the event in our photo and video gallery. Our thanks to Manu Dutt and the Mayfair Lakeshore crew for putting on a great event and making all of the participating squash players feel so welcome!

Tournament welcome
Watching the A draw
Courtside Lunch