Pro Tips

The Transition from tennis to squash may appear easy. A ball and a racquet? It’s got to be the same… right? Having recently taken up coaching squash after years of coaching and playing tennis, I’ve learned that there are many differences! Here are a few tips based on my experience to help tennis […]

Pro Tip: Switching from Tennis to Squash

The season is now in full swing! Unfortunately this means that it’s starting to get cold, but what’s better then a good game of squash on a snowy night? The cold weather not only chills us, but many courts are colder then they are in the summer. This means the […]

Pro Tip: The Warm Up

For most clubs, the squash season has started…house leagues are underway, tournaments are scheduled and T&D players are keen to start their training. As a club pro, I enjoy the enthusiasm of watching the teams get together to start training in preparation for a successful season. I am a strong […]

Pro Tip: Get the Most Out of Drills

We’re delighted to “serve up” this pro tip from former National Women’s Team Coach, Melanie Jans! Pro Tip: Return of Serve We’ve all been there. Our opponent hits a really nice, high, wide serve and moves confidently towards the T. Many of us have a tendency to go into panic […]

Pro Tip: Return of Serve

Your squash gear plays an important role in ensuring that you play at your best and stay injury free. How often should you change your grip, restring your racquet, or step into a new pair of court shoes? We are pleased to share the following tips from squash professional Spencer […]

Check your gear: pro tips for safety and performance