Featured Player: Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer Bennett is a long time player and leader in the women’s squash community. Jennifer served as the TDWSA League Convenor for 5 years, had the pleasure of serving on the Squash Ontario board for 4 years (2010-2014), and has been a formidable force on One Health’s B Division team for many years.

In 2014/15, a persistent elbow injury forced her to take a break from playing squash. With encouragement from her teammates and family, and instruction from Rob Brooks, Jennifer took a risk and learned to play left-handed! While she was making impressive strides learning to play with her left hand, her right arm rested enough to ensure a full recovery. Jennifer was able to come back to B Division for the 2016/7 season and has been an important contributor to the One Health Club team’s impressive lead in the rankings. Jennifer is 13:2 and hasn’t lost a T&D match since early November!

Any player who has had the pleasure of enjoying a court side or “apres squash” conversation with Jennifer will appreciate her positivity and love of the game. She is a great ambassador and promoter of the game we love!

Jennifer Bennett with Debbie McKinnon (left)