Featured Player: Tina Nyary

IMG_2371On June 16th, the TDWSA’s Christine Horner and Liz McBeth were treated to a first face-to-face meeting with retired squash player, Tina Nyary. Tina is 82 years young and traces her squash roots back to the 70s.

A former club manager, Tina was one of the founding members of the Ladies Squash Association (LSA) that focused on running tournaments across Ontario. She had the privilege of training with the legendary Jim Mason and was recruited into the LSA by Judy Travis of the B&R. When Judy passed away suddenly, Tina felt compelled to step up and pour her considerable energy into the LSA for a time.

Unfortunately, Tina’s career led her away from squash and into tennis and the Boulevard Club where she served as the club manager for two decades. She still remembers her squash career fondly, especially the people she volunteered and trained with: Jim Mason, Noreen King, Mary Wells, Sheila Smith, and Judy Travis.

The chance meeting came about when Tina found a 1976 bank document showing funds in a delinquent bank account belonging to the LSA (approx. $150). Tina was determined to get these funds to back to help out women’s squash and started an internet search to find a women’s league in the area. This lead her to Squash Ontario who forwarded her information to us. Rather than just pass on the task to us, Tina has made the inquiries to see if the funds can be recovered. Regardless of the outcome we have the pleasure of meeting a women who helped put women’s squash on the map in our area.