Pro Tips from DOUBLEHIT- How Can I Improve My Return of Serve?

Tara Mullins, Director of Squash, GoodLife Fitness, NCCP Level 3, Former Singles Canadian Team Member

Marci Sier, Head Squash Pro, Badminton & Racquet Club, NCCP Level 3, Junior Provincial Coach

The TDWSA is pleased to share a special tip from DOUBLEHIT– professional coaches Tara Mullins and Marci Sier.



Hello Squash Pros,

My entire team has been struggling trying to perfect the return of serve to the back of the court for years now and it is really hampering progression in our game.  We have taken numerous lessons and it is a main area that we work on at drill time but still seems to cause us much grief. ?

Any special tips on how to overcome our struggles with the return?

Thanks, Debbie Burton
(Georgetown Racquet Club)


Hi Debbie,

Thank you for your question. The return of serve is one of the most challenging shots!  Especially when you are up against an effective server!  Your main objective is to get the ball past your opponent.  Tip #1 would be to volley!  If you can get the ball early and hit it high on the front wall – in the top 3rd section – then your ball will more likely get to the back of the court.   If you are have trouble volleying – start short and progress in increments.  We suggest:

  1. Volley consecutively standing 3 racket distances from the front wall (10 in a row)
  2. Volley consecutively standing 5 racket distances from the front wall (10 in a row)
  3. Volley consecutively standing 7 racket distances from the front wall (10 in a row)

Keep progressing until you get to the back of the court.  Don’t add a racket distance until you master a level.  And try hitting higher on the front wall as you move back.

If by chance you are having trouble volleying in a row this can be a technical glitch. Tip #2 would be to make sure that your racket face is open, that your wrist is locked, and that you are hitting early on the ball (Not late!).

Hope this helps!



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