T&D 2023 Winter League Champs!

Winter League finals were held on April 5th at Mayfair Lakeshore.  It was a great night of championship squash across all T&D divisions.

A big thank you to our sponsors and especially HEAD for providing great prizes, our hosts from Mayfair Club including Manu Dutt and the Lakeshore Bistro staff and the very well organized TDWSA finals committee who delivered a fun-filled evening.  Thank you also to the students from Urban Squash Toronto who shared information about their organization and volunteered.

Thanks also to the people who make the league happen throughout the season including the TDWSA Executive, the league conveners,  and all the team captains who keep things rolling along.

T&D Finals April 5, 2023

The 2023 T&D Division Winners!

D Division:

Champions - Pickering, Finalists - Unionville

Pickering's Cathy, Jackie, Deb and Kanya had a solid win over Unionville

C Division:

Champions - Mayfair Parkway, Finalists - ORC

Mayfair Parkway's team of Claudia, Iris, Hannah and Tania had a narrow victory over ORC

B Division:

Champions - Mayfair Parkway, Finalists - OneHealth

MFPW's team of Yan, Mary, Melanie and Margaret had a closely fought victory over OneHealth

A Division:

Champions - Pickering, Finalists - Mayfair Lakeshore

Pickering's team of Julie, Vanessa, Lisa and Joanne had a thrilling down to the wire win over Mayfair Lakeshore

C Division Champs - Mayfair Parkway
C Division Champs - Mayfair Parkway
B Division Champs Mayfair Parkway
B Division Champs Mayfair Parkway

Bronze Matches D and C Divisions

"Bronze" matches were played to determine third place finishers in the C and D Divisions on April 5th.

D Division: B&R defeated Balmy Beach

C Division: Squashabout at Dunfield defeated Balmy Beach

Congratulations to all T&D players.



Spring is here and Summer T&D Leagues Are Back!

We're planning an A/B round robin league and a C/D team league starting in late May.  Stay tuned for more detail.