T&D Award Winners Winter 2020!

Drum Roll Please - Celebrating Our 2020 Award Winners

It's time to celebrate the players and clubs who have been chosen by you to receive awards in 3 categories:

  • Best Après Squash
  • Most Improved Player
  • Inspiration Award

Best Après Squash

Is awarded to the club with the most overall nominations for providing the best Après Squash experience as hosts. 12 clubs were nominated this season and, as in previous years, our friends from Georgetown put on the best party by a country mile!

Overall Winner: Georgetown Racquet Club

  • A Division: Georgetown Racquet Club
  • B Division: Ontario Racquet Club
  • C Division: Georgetown Racquet Club
  • D Division: Georgetown Racquet Club
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Most Improved Player

Is awarded to the player most recognized for improving their game over the course of the season in each division. 53 players across all divisions received nominations.  The division winners are:

A Division: Christina McIsaac, Mayfair Parkway
B Division: Nicole Jennex, Mayfair Lakeshore
C Division: Shafina Hassan, Mayfair Lakeshore
D Division: Noelle Turner, Goodlife McCaul


Christina McIsaac on Left - Most Improved A Player
Christina McIsaac on Left - Most Improved A Player
Nicole Jennex 1st row middle -  Most Improved B Division
Nicole Jennex 1st row middle - Most Improved B Division
Shafina Hassan 1st on left
Shafina Hassan 1st on left
Noelle Turner on left
Noelle Turner on left

Inspiration Award

Angie Eichel, LA Fitness, Mississauga


Every year, the TDWSA presents the Inspiration Award to an individual who best demonstrates the vision, mission and values of TDWSA. While 31 players were nominated across all divisions, one individual really stood out.

This person’s contribution, dedication, determination and efforts embody the league’s principles of sportsmanship, friendship, respect and leadership. Their actions enrich us as individuals and as a community.  They are true difference makers.

Angie Eichel has been recognized for all the qualities mentioned above. She is a veteran member of TDWSA as well as a strong supporter of others outside our community.

With her positive and energetic attitude, she advocates for women's squash demonstrating inclusiveness, camaraderie and fairness on and off the court. She is always reaching out to women at all levels who show an interest in squash and manages to connect them with others.

Initially, Angie’s club did not allow outsiders and juniors to use the courts under any condition, but, like a salmon swimming upstream, she was relentless, persistent and insistent that the club change its policy. She provided assurances to management that all players were insured and that the club could benefit financially from having TDWSA teams visiting the club every week.

She is a true ambassador for the sport of squash and for women's squash in particular.

From all of us at TDWSA, congratulations Angie!

Angie & Teammates
Angie E Ont squash tournament

Thank You to the Captains!

In addition to honoring the award winners, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our 33 team captains who organize team members, book squash courts, ensure their teams are ready to go game night, round up balls and score sheets and organize post-match festivities.

This league could not function without you!

Prizes Await our Award Winners, but for now - please stay home!

We know everyone is missing squash and can't wait to get together to celebrate our successes in person.  However, the most immediate concern is for the health of our community and all Canadians.  Let's continue to do our part to flatten the curve and ultimately eliminate COVID-19.  Stay safe everyone.  Good things come to those who wait!