Women’s C/D/E Tournament Results

On September 30th, 2017, we hosted our second sold out TDWSA C/D/E tournament at Mayfair Lakeshore. The event drew 48 women who took over 8 courts at Mayfair Lakeshore for the afternoon!

Special thanks to tournament chair, Spencer Robitaille, for running the event with his crew of volunteers, to our reffing coaches – Kinmond Smith, Donna Thompson, Greg Rowe, and Wendy Train – who helped players with their calls, and to our sponsors – Mayfair Clubs, Oliver Sport, and Lululemon Markville!

Congratulations to the winners and finalists!

C Finalist and Champion

Left to right: Lynsey Yates, Spencer Robitaille, Natalya Rougas, and Liz McBeth

C Draw

Winner: Lynsey Yates
Finalist: Natalya Rougas
3/4: Andrea Fernandes/Heather Del Colombo
Plate: Hazel Kenny-Wilson
Consolation: Nicole Jennex
Grinner: Wendy Train

D Draw

Winner: Terry-Anne Poon Tip
Finalist: Judith Allen
3/4: Irina Kosals/Carrie Baggio
Plate: Gail Wannop
Consolation: Magdalena Sabat
Grinner: Ivona Szostak

E Draw

Winner: Sarah Farquharson
Finalist: Pauline Hall
3/4: Kowsiya V/Jocelyn Reyes
Plate: Susan Legge
Consolidation: Michelle Campbell
Grinner: Simone Visram

D Draw Champion and Finalist

Left to right: Terry-Anne Poon Tip, Spencer Robitaille, and Judith Allen

D Champion

Left to right: Sarah Farquharson and Liz McBeth