What is the TDWSA?

The Toronto and District Women’s Squash Association (TDWSA) is the premier singles league serving T&D’s vibrant and diverse women’s squash community. We offer a social and competitive singles squash league experience for women of all ages and levels of play.

The TDWSA is led by an Executive Committee and team of volunteers who are committed to the effective governance of the organization and to it’s vision, mission and core values:


To be the premier singles league serving Toronto & District’s vibrant and diverse women’s squash community.


To deliver a positive league experience within Toronto & District and to grow the community of women’s squash.

Core Values

  • Fair Play
  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness
  • Fitness
  • Fun
  • Camaraderie

 How does the league operate?

There are 5 divisions to our league: A through E, with A being the highest level and E being for recreational and/or new players. We operate two distinct programs – Winter League and Summer League.

Our Winter League runs for levels A through D and is divided into two halves. The first half starts in late September/early October and runs until early December. The second half begins after the New Year and runs until March. Playoffs take place in March with finals in late March/early April. All division finals take place on the same night in the same location.

Our divisions are combined in the summer league. A & B play together and players register as individuals via email with the A/B Convenor. C & D also play together and register as a team through SquashNut.

The E league format changes yearly to reflect the needs of players who are new to the game.

How are the teams organized?

Each team is composed of 4 players that play in ranked order. Most teams have a minimum of 2 spares that are willing to play for the team should they need a substitute player occasionally, or in the event that a player becomes injured during the season.

When and where do you play?

In Winter League, the divisions of the league play on different evenings as follows: A & C play on Tuesdays, B plays on Wednesdays, and D plays on Thursdays. The E division format varies. Start times are generally between 7:00 and 7:40 p.m. and each evening runs until about 10:00-10:30 p.m. This includes both play and the very important social component!

Our league has teams from Mississauga, Georgetown, Newmarket, Pickering and the City of Toronto. The location of play depends on the teams entered in a given division.

How do I register a team?

League registration for the Winter League opens at the end of the summer and is due in mid-September. Registration for the Summer League opens in April is due in mid-May.

What if I don’t have enough women (or any) for a team?

If you are interested in playing and do not have enough players for a team, you should contact us. There may be players from another club looking for an extra player, or perhaps another individual player is looking for a club to play with.

Where possible we will help match individual players to teams; however, please note that many clubs have policies restricting non-members from playing on club teams.

How do I know what division I should enter?

The best way to determine your level of play is to ask your professional squash staff at your club. If that is not available, you can contact the convenor of your approximate level for suggestions. If you have competed in Squash Ontario tournaments you may have earned a Ontario ranking which can also be used to assess your level of play.

More questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions and join our mailing list for news and information about TDWSA and women’s squash in Toronto & District.