Captain’s Responsibilities


  1. Co-ordinate team registration and payment of fees with club pros, on or before stated deadlines.
  2. Maintain a personal profile and team roster on SquashNut. See Rules B3 and B4.
  3. Attend TDWSA Pre-Season Captains’ Meeting.  At these meetings:
    • Captains meet their Division Convenor
    • Schedules and rules are reviewed
    • A supply of official balls may be distributed
    • New clubs are introduced
    • Changes are made to the schedule, if necessary
    • Notice of date/time/place are given for League Playoffs and Finals.
  4. Ensure familiarity with League Rules.  Where there are questions, please address them with your Division Convenor.
  5. Ensure players are assigned for all matches; that they are aware of their ranking and playing order; and that they arrive on time. See Rule C.5/d.
  6. Encourage players to take on officiating roles and develop their skills and confidence as referees and markers.
  7. Captains are encouraged to promote their teams within their clubs and social networks. This can include: posting league standings and TDWSA notices on Club notice boards and social media feeds; encouraging club pros, members, and friends to join the TDWSA mailing list; following the TDWSA on Facebook and posting to our page; inviting others to participate in T&D events as players and supporters; and generally helping to raise awareness of women’s squash within their clubs.


  1. Co-ordinate social arrangements with visiting Captain prior to home matches.
  2. Ensure court bookings have been made and double-checked prior to arrival of visiting team.
  3. Prepare score sheets and balls prior to the matches.
  4. Submit scores online at SquashNut  within 48 hours of play. See Rule C6.


  1. The responsibility lies with the visiting team to ensure exact location of Club and starting time of matches.
  2. The entire team is expected to be at the club at the published starting time and should have awareness of the playing order. Contact the home team Captain if there are any issues prior to game time that prevent a full team arriving on time or that affect match play starting at the scheduled time. See Rule C.5/d.
  3. Verify scores submitted online within 48 hours of their submission on SquashNut.

Last updated 9/24/2017