Our Team

Executive Committee


Elka Markus



Welcome to our new chair!

Elka started playing squash as an adult and quickly took to the game. No stranger to competition, Elka has represented Ontario in many Masters tournaments and plays in the TDWSA A division. Elka’s dedication to squash is evident both on and off court. She has run an incredibly popular women’s Summer A/B league for more than 2 decades and has served at all levels of the TDWSA and on the Squash Ontario Master’s committee.

Christine Horner


Christine has been playing squash for 30+ years and has been playing T&D for most of those years and currently in the A division.  Christine has been part of the TDWSA executive since 2015 and is the current Treasurer.



Vanessa Thoo

Vanessa started playing squash in 2011 in Nova Scotia and quickly became addicted to the sport. Her passion for squash led her to chair the desk at the Nova Scotia Open and the Atlantic Championships and server as vice-president of Squash Nova Scotia from 2013-2015. Vanessa has also completed the Squash Canada online refereeing course and co-captained a One Health C team. Her most notable squash accomplishment to-date is winning C companion division at the Canadian Nationals in May 2016.

Carol Johnston

Communications Officer
Carol has been playing squash since her days at WLU.  She began playing T&D in the D league with Valhalla, then Racquet & Fitness Academy and finally Fitness Institute (now OneHealth).  Carol and her team moved up to play C league in 2016.  Carol is passionate about T&D and has captained teams for 15+ years.
While Carol has a passion for squash and likes to be competitive on court, in her view, the best part of T&D is the social aspect after where she has met many women and developed life long friendships off the court.
Carol is TDWSA’s Communications Officer.


League Development Officers

Alison LeBer

League Development Officer - East
Alison has had the squash ‘bug’ for about 10 years. Nicole Pirko, the pro at Pickering, convinced her to play in her first tournament — the Lee Hanebury  in 2008 — and she had such a blast that I never looked back. Alison met a great bunch of women, joined T&D at the D Level, worked at her game, jumped to B, dabbled in A for a couple of seasons and played B again in 2016-17.  Alison has served on the TDWSA executive since 2015 and loves seeing other women get energized and enthused by this fabulous sport.

Cari Fraser

League Development Officer - West
Cari started working at a friend’s pro shop in a racquet club over 20 years ago.  By watching others play, she quickly learned that squash was an excellent workout and decided that she had to try it!  There was a great group of women at Cari’s club playing in the TDWSA and they encouraged her to join their team.  Cari was so glad that she did!  Not only did squash keep Cari fit over the years, it also helped her to make many lifelong friendships.

Carol Reilly

League Development Officer - North

Niki Aron

League Development Officer - South


Niki started playing squash at age 26, while working at the Adelaide Club. She has developed a strong passion for fitness and squash over the last 16 years. She has played her way through every division in the TDWSA and believes that her fitness has been a big part of that. Feel free to ask her anything about squash or fitness, she is here to help.



Carolyn Vranesic

A Convenor
Carolyn doesn’t exactly remember the year she and her teammates decided to join the T&D League’s D Division but she is sure glad they did! Carolyn is currently off due to injury but is looking forward to her second year as A convenor.

Anna Tomei

B Convenor
Anna started playing T&D in the summer 2007 C/D league and has been a convenor and committed volunteer since 2012. In 2016, Anna moved up to A Division as a player and became the B Convenor. Anna is looking forward to helping new captains learn the ropes and working with her former competitors to make this season the best yet in B Division.

Carolyn Feather

C Convenor
Carolyn has been involved in women’s T&D for more than three decades and plays in our A Division. Carolyn is a great resource to C captains and has been instrumental in league planning and scheduling. New captains should feel free to contact Carolyn with any questions.

Donna Thompson

D Convenor

Special Programs

Liz McBeth

Past Chair / Special Programs
Liz and her three brothers grew up playing squash. At the time, the boys took the sport  more seriously than she did, but, after a long absence (her 20s) Liz returned to the court and has never looked back. She has participated in the TDWSA as a player, captain, and summer C/D convenor and E League convenor and volunteer. She has served as TDWSA Chair and Communications Officer, and is currently Past Chair and managing special projects.

Photo credit: Karen Galati of CrazyKPhotography

Summer League

Kerime Arisan

Summer C/D Co-Convenor

Photo credit: CrazyKPhotography

Wendy Train

Summer C/D Co-Convenor
Wendy loves to play squash and hates to see an empty court. She believes in spot training and “getting her butt kicked” as a way to improve. She counts Shariff Khan among her friends and was thrilled to share the court with Sam Cornett when Canada’s #1 dropped by to meet our E League players last season. An enthusiastic volunteer, Wendy has helped run our busy E league in the south and is an avid recruiter of women to the game!


Student Volunteers

Gabrielle Amoroso

Social Media Coordinator


Gabrielle Amoroso is a high school student at Emily Carr Secondary School. Gabrielle has been playing squash for four  years at Executive Squash and Fitness and has been participating in T&D for three years. She is currently the captain of the Executive Squash C team and is so excited to be the new Social Media Coordinator of the TDWSA.

Photo credit: Karen Galati of CrazyKPhotography